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Below you’ll find all the videos of players and others who are sharing their experiences throughout the site. Use the filter button to choose a category and hear them speak about their mental fitness, struggles they have faced and the strategies they use.



Check out some of our main app ambassador launch videos below.

Biggest Fear

Fear is a natural human emotion and affects everyone differently, while experienced in the mind, it also triggers a physical reaction, releasing stress hormones, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. We asked our ambassadors what their biggest fears in life were, because even though people are afraid to face their fears, we all have them. Being aware of them can sometimes be the best first step to facing them. 

What is Happiness?

Happiness is different for everyone, whether it's moments to yourself or spending time with others, we all celebrate happy memories in a different way. Taking time to enjoy these happy moments is imperative to your wellbeing and overall mental health. We spoke to our ambassadors about what happiness means to them.

When You're Sad

“What is joy without sorrow” we can often think that sadness is negative and should be avoided but sadness is an integral element of life and a feeling that occurs and affects everyone in many different ways. Sometimes all it takes is some gentle reflection and seeing your own emotions through someone else's perspective. Don’t shy away from your sadness, recognise it, accept it and deal with it. We asked our ambassadors how they’ve experienced sadness.

Your Biggest Influence

We spoke to our ambassadors about who their biggest influences are. It’s important to sit down, reflect and be grateful for those who have helped you out in your lifetime.

Daily Routine

Routines play an important part in mental health and wellbeing. Research has shown that having a routine and implementing a structure to your day can give you a sense of control. It can also improve your focus, organization, and productivity. We spoke to our ambassadors about what they look forward to in their routines.

Guaranteed Success

If you knew you were going to succeed what would you do? We spoke to our ambassadors about what they would do if they were guaranteed success. Sometimes it’s important to take a moment and review all the things you would do and want to do, without the fear of failure, it can help you to reset and refocus your goals and might be what drives you forward on your journey.

Dealing With Anger

Anger is a very normal and natural emotion, one which we have been learning to deal with from a very young age. Sometimes we are taught to try and ignore our anger but research suggests that the average person gets angry once a day and annoyed 3 times a day so it is something that we are constantly exposed to and learning about. Find out how our ambassadors deal with their anger and use it in a constructive way.

Pat Lam

Pat talks about the building a culture.

Cathal Sheridan

Cathal talks about awareness and emotions.

Jake Heenan

Jake talks about fear and anger.

Jack McGrath

Jack talks about loss.

Hannah Tyrell

Hannah talks about coping strategies.

Marcus Horan

Marcus talks about making a change.

Shane Jennings

Shane talks about worry and opening up.

Ian Keatley

Ian talks about preparations.

Stuart McCloskey

Stuart talks to some of the other Ulster players about pressure.

Jack & John

A mental health and wellbeing campaign, which supports proactively looking after your mental wellbeing. With resources available covering happiness, optimism and resilience,.