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Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is a psychological state where you feel at ease and familiar with your environment and in control of what you’re doing. It is where you may feel the least anxiety and stress. Your comfort zone is usually where you can experience a steady state of performance.

This usually happens after an initial performance uplift. Comfort zones can become stagnant places, because like any steady performance state unless something changes, it can lead to a downward curve and performance decline. Comfort zones are not the worst place to be (they can be calming, restorative and safe), but to continually progress it’s good to push the boundaries and get yourself into a Growth Zone.

If you were guaranteed success

Think about things that you would like to do but nerves, discomfort or fear of failure hold you back. If you were certain of success, without undue stress, what three things (your ambitions) would you like to achieve?

Pushing the boundaries

Baby Step Goal 1

Choose one of your ambitions. Identify a small practical step that you could take towards achieving this ambition.

Baby Step Goal 2

You climb a mountain one step at a time, what step could that be for you?

Baby Step Goal 3

The best way to eat an elephant? One bite a time. What could be your first bite?

A final Thought

Comfort Zones are unique to you. What is a healthy challenge for you may not be the same for the next person.

It’s ok to return to your comfort zone if you need to replenish your resources and restore some confidence. Just don’t be afraid to push the boundaries every so often.