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Last week, Dr Hannah McCormack featured on Jack Kavanagh’s ‘Only Human’ podcast series.

Speaking about the episode Jack said “it is perhaps the most important we have released to date. Hannah is uniquely positioned to speak to some of the most important movements and topics of our time – mental health and racism.”

Over the course of the conversation, Hannah and Jack explore mental ‘health’ through the lens of being “mentally fit” as opposed to the common connotations of speaking of mental health as being only a negative mental health topic.

The interview also takes a look at practices for self care, flourishing and for bouncing back that bit quicker when we face struggle or burnout – all through the lens of sports, of building your team to help you get across the line and perform well in life.

Born to an Irish father and Filipino mother, Hannah McCormack has lived in Ireland since she was 7 and has always been fully immersed in the sports, culture and life. Unfortunately Hannah and her family have been exposed to discrimination, micro aggressions and outright racism on many occasions.

“This is an important conversation,” Jack explains. “It is uncomfortable and that is why it is necessary. I am so grateful to Hannah for her openness and sharing her journey on for allowing us as listeners into her perspective and experience. Having conversations like this and listening from a place of openness is the beginning of the journey of taking action towards a more inclusive, understanding, respectful and fair country and world.”


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